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Google Docs

Collaborate live online real time on spreadsheets, documents like word docs, presentations like powerpoint
Google for Teachers Guide by Richard Byrne

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Google Maps

Google Sites: List of Google's Websites in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America & Oceania (Country-Level)

How to create Google Treks

Explore the world on foot

**City Tours**
Traveling is already an extravagant endeavor. It’s a better idea to pocket the money you’d spend on travel books that will inevitably become outdated by the time you return from vacation, and simply invest some time in Google’s City Tours. City Tours generates a list of important traveling hot spots based on your destination of choice. For example, if you’re on your way to visit Berlin, Germany, type in a starting location (like the address of where you're staying) and City Tours will map out a route for a walking tour around the area you’re stationed.

Each landmark contains important information, like hours of operation and the address of the location--in case you decide to take a taxi or public transportation. You can also add other areas to your walking tour either manually or from a predetermined list provided by Google Maps. 

Using Google Maps for telling directions in the foreign language.

Google presentation format: Using Google Maps in Different Languages to "Get Directions."

Watch this ppt for an explanation of using street view with Google maps.

Embedding YouTube Videos into placemarks

Writing a Story in Google Maps by Silvia Tolisano

Using Google Streetview in class to give cultural perspective.

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Postcard geography: Colette Cassinelli