Important Links
The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should have
A great set of skills and links for all 21st century teachers
The Three New Pillars of 21st Century Learning
What happens when our basic assumptions about schooling no longer apply?
10 Teaching Practices Every 21st Century Teacher should do
What are your reactions to these practices?
Education: The Past, The Present and The Future #2
Another look at the "Three pillars of 21st century learning:
The TED-ed Flip Tool in the Foreign Language Classroom
What can a flipped classroom look like the a world languages class?
5 easy steps to completely eliminate discipline issues in your classroom
Is this the way to go-your thoughts?
The World in Your Pocket
A great presentation by Melinda Larson on mobile learning apps and learning
The Educational Value of Creative Disobedience
Creativity and Innovation
Why Weird Experiences Boost Creativity

Videos to watch

Tony Wagner:Creating Innovators
Creating Innovators series of videos-Tony Wagner



Resources to help guide teachers in the 21st century

Digital Game-Based Learning