Wikis, Blogs, Nings to follow, join, learn from, share and collaborate

I. Wikispaces-explore and make your own.

How to make a Wikispace:(you have this sheet in your handout) external image msword.png How to make a wikispace.doc

How to make a wiki-series of video tutorials
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Wikis in Plain English

Toni Theisen's Wikispaces
Class wikis
Professional wikis
French4Students'wikispaces as their online portfolios
Loveland, CO-La Réole,France
Loveland, CO-Matamata, New Zealand French wiki
Les Jeux Olympiques
Toni Theisen conference wikispace
World Languages Tech
ACTFL Tech 2009
ACTFL Tech 2010
ACTFL Webinar 2010 Theisen
ACTFL World Languages P-12 Skills Map
Thompson School District World Languages Curriculum
WL-Thompson School District Tech
World Languages21stcentury Wikispace-Join this space and add your links, etc.
Global competency
LHS-BestBuy Collaborative Wiki

See what others are doing with wikispaces.
Language teachers/classes examples
Other wikispaces examples
Student/Class Products
Join this wiki and contribute
LHSFrench 4 Students'wikispaces
Loveland, CO-La Réole,France
Flat Classroom Project has international global projects
Reading Resources for French Teachers
Educational Wikis provides a rationale and examples for K-12
Language Teachers Collaborate

II. Blogs: explore, follow and make your own

See what others are doing with blogs:
World Languages Teachers
Educational/Tech blogs
Integrating Technology into the MFL Classroom
Rachel Hawkes Languages strategies
Eva Büyüksimkeşyan: A Journey in MFL
Larry Ferlazzo-ELL
Isabelle Jones
Blog Français
Nik's Learning Technology Blog
ICT for Language Learners
Blog de jglamas
Simon Howells
Zachary Jones-Spanish
Zachary Jones-French
MmePerkins UK French
Mme Kuhl French
David Warlick
Innovative Educator
Dangerously Irrelevant
The World A.T. Ways
The Fischbowl
Integrating Tech
Teaching Paperless-21st century

III. Nings: explore, follow, join and make your own==

See what others are doing with Nings:
World Languages Nings
General Educational Nings
World Languages Teachers 2.0 Ning
Foreign Languages in the Elementary Ning
Global Education Collaborative Ning
Around the World with 80 schools Ning
Classroom 2.0 Ning
Curriculum21 Ning